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Grace You're a Dear
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Natalie Elizabeth Weiss takes us back to 2005 with Grace You’re a Dear, her only album under the moniker Unicornicopia. In honor of its 15-year anniversary, Grace will receive its first digital release this summer. Produced by synthesizer wizard Joe McGinty, Grace is a snapshot of Weiss in her early 20s: a bi-sexual performance artist juggling possibility, polyamory and protestant guilt. The record is at turns blissfully experimental and borderline musical theater, with swells of white noise and distortion contrasting with Weiss’ earnest lyrics and simple delivery. Coming out on McGinty’s Diving Horse RecordsGrace You’re a Dear is now available on all digital platforms.

Crash My Bike

Crash My Bike

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Years Active:



Main Person:


Natalie Elizabeth Weiss



Orlando, Florida
Brooklyn, NY

Only Label Ever:


Diving Horse Records

Pix From Those Days

Members Over The Years:


Kathryn Weiss
Joe McGinty
Phil McCombs
Brian Lee

Miguel Miranda

Zach Buell

Joanna Choy
Kristin Mueller
Jason McMahon

Adam V.

Conrad Winslow

Lane Barrington
Anne Koch
Christian Dettloff
Marissa Galan
Isabelle Kohler
Patti Kilroy
Carlos Barriento
Leat Sabbah


Special Performance Projects:


Unicornicopia: A Metamorphosis (Orlando Fringe Festival)
Jesus In Our Lives (Ramiken Crucible Gallery)
Pink Raft (PS1 MoMa)
Animals and Nature (Ars Nova)
Selections from Borderland (David Zwerner Gallery)
CHAOS & CANDY: Chicken in the Snow (The Box)
Sex Cells (3rd Ward)
Heterosexuality (You Are Here: The Maze)
Jack and the Beanstalk (Galapagos Art Space)
Performa 07 (Elizabeth Gallery)
Come Darling Tell Me (Splice)
MusiCircus w/ The NY Mycological Society (Roulette)

PitchNTime (Paris London New York West Nile)

Analemma Release (Glasslands)
With You in the Summer (East Coast Tour)
Forever Backpack (Monkeytown)

Elastic (Death By Audio)
Could Have Been A Son Or Daughter (Zebulon)
Selections from Camp Wanatachi (Cake Shop)



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Diving Horse Records

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